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Exchange Park Map

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Restroom Building A
Restroom Building B
Restroom Building C
Restroom Building D
Restroom Building E
Restroom Building F
Restrooms in Freedom Hall Building
Restrooms in Atrium of Exchange Hall Building
Pavilion Building
Exchange Hall Building
Exchange Hall has 3 spaces - the Blue Room, the Gold Room and the Atrium.
Lakefront Stage
Lakefront Stage seats up to 5,000 people.
Parkway Stage has seating for up to 500 people
Gazebo Stage has seating for up to 300 people.
Midway Loop has abundant open space for larger events.
Lakefront Lawn has lots of outdoor space for many different types of events!
Arena Lawn is a great space for smaller gatherings, or for larger events using the nearby event spaces!
Our Rodeo Arena would be perfect for your horse show or rodeo event!


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